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Warm Celebration Of Wechat Public Platform Launching Of Grahowlet Technology
Oct 18, 2018

In order to create a more influential corporate image, we have taken full advantage of the new media platform WeChat to focus on the company's latest developments in a full range, multi-channel, and wide-ranging areas, and to provide faster and more efficient service to enterprises . The company has now launched the WeChat public number platform.

1: Platform public number

Our only official WeChat public number is: Grahowlet Technology  

Wechat number: Grahowlet-2018

2: Our WeChat public number purpose

1) Update industry news and market trends through the official WeChat number;

2) Update company's latest developments and information;

3) Update our latest technical achievements and test videos;

4) Release the company's latest product information, etc.;

5) For people who have doubts/questions, they can provide one-on-one solutions.

3. How to use it

1) Enter WeChat software, click the "+" sign in the upper right corner, add a friend, click on the public number, search for "Grahowlet Technology", or enter the Wechat number: Grahowlet-2018, find and click on the note.

2) Scan the QR code: Open the WeChat, click on "Scan QR Code" to scan the QR code and click on the button. 

Please pay attention to our WeChat public number, thank you! 


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