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Grahowlet Technology Overcome The Problem In Overall Joint On Industrial Displays With Large Gaps Between Frame And Panel
Oct 18, 2018

Recently, GraHowlet Technology has officially overcame the problem of overall joint on industrial display screens and panels with large gaps between frame and panel. In future, customers will no longer have to worry about not being able to fully fit industrial screens.

Industrial display screen, due to the large gap between the iron frame and the panel, take this full-fit project of our company as an example (see figure): There is a gap of 0.8mm from the iron frame to the LCD panel. There are two kinds of treatment solutions in the market. :

First, using OCA adhesive for full lamination, OCA lamination needs vacuum deaeration. Since the gap between the panel and the iron frame is too large, there will be residual bubbles around the display screen, which cannot be completely removed, and the bubbles will easily rebound. The rate is very low.

Second, the use of water glue, liquid water glue easily penetrate the polarizer of the display, thus resulting in poor display. Also industrial screens are mostly TN screen, water glue will appear after the water ripple problem!

Therefore, most of the industrial display screens on the market are using the frame-sticking scheme or full fit with frame being removed. However, after the iron frame is dismantled, the after sale service cannot be provided, and the solidity of the display screen has been destroyed.

Which finally has lost the original intention of the product's full fit!

The frame-sticking products are relatively poor in impact resistance, waterproof and dustproof, outdoor effects, etc., and cannot meet the requirements of some customers! How to achieve the same full-fitting effect on industrial displays as on consumer products is the demand of many customers.

Grahowlet Technology specializes in industrial touch solutions for more than ten years. Through the experience accumulated in the industry and the attempts of multiple different solutions, this problem was officially conquered in recent days. After many repeated verification tests, it can be mass-produced. In the future, we will provide full-quality products for industrial customers!

Hangzhou Grahowlet Technology has been focusing on the industrial capacitive screen market for ten years. In future, we will tackle one after another problems and better serve customers in the industrial field as well as provide the best quality touch products!

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