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Capacitive touch screen has been increasingly used in various fields with rapid technology development. In order to meet different requirements of worldwide customers, GraHowlet supply all kinds of product structures such as G + G, G + F (G + F + F ), P + G, etc. and various technical support programs such as Cypress, Atmel, EETI, FocalTech, Goodix etc. according to different application environments.Read More+
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Hangzhou GraHowlet Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive service provider of capacitive touch screen development and manufacturing for various industries. Accumulating decades of experience in touch display industry, we could supply customers with electronic design; software debugging, customized service and entire solution of touch display through the integration of various industry resources. We are committed to support global customers with first-class products and professional technical service.
Product Application
Touch panel has been increasingly adopted in various fields because of more and more rapid and mature capacitive touch screen technology. With practiced enterprise team and decades of experience in touch display development, Grahowlet is the pioneer of touch panel application industry, owns broad coverage of products applied in all industries and has in-depth cooperation with hundreds of customers from different professions all over the world.Read More+
Our Advantage
With the gradual deepening of the application of capacitive touch screens in various fields, we deeply understand the difference of capacitive touch screens applications in industrial and consumer areas. Therefore, our company has set up a first-class technical team and service team for industry customers, from capacitive touch screen solutions recommending, designing, manufacturing till the final quality control and after-sales service, we have certain advantages. The specific advantages are as follows:
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Feb 21
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Feb 21
To achieve a more cost-efficient implementation, system designers working with capacitive technology must understand how component integration affects system co……
Feb 20
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