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Born To Industry-the Introduction Of Touch Panel With Water And Glove Function By Grahowlet Technology
Oct 18, 2018

With the rise of mobile phones and tablet computers, capacitive touch screens are increasingly used in various industries due to their irreplaceable advantages.However, in the industrial field, due to the defect of the principle of the capacitive screen itself, it has not been widely used. For example, the operation cannot be performed well with gloves if there is water on the screen or the interference is severe, , and even misoperation may result in an ordinary capacitive screen, which are the main reasons why it cannot be applied in the industrial field. It is not easy to achieve these several functions, and most of the implementation solutions are mainly to adjust the sensitivity of their sensing, often only providing unreliable, inconsistent performance, which could be barely usable in partial industrial fields.

Grahowlet technology is always based on the provision of professional capacitive touch screen products and services for the global industrial customers, the introduction of industrial-grade capacitive screen standard products can be used in a complex industrial environment and keep the the stability and reliability of the product. This screen can support the touch with water, gloves with various thickness(no material limitation), thick cover (tempered glass cover or Acrylic cover ), and has superior anti-jamming performance and Ultra-high stability. It has been widely used in industrial manufacturing, military, medical, outdoor handheld, automotive and other fields.

We have a full range of industrial capacitor screen standard products from 1.4-55 inch, and can also provide customized service according to customer needs.

Please call us any time! The following is a test video of industrial standard capacitive screen with thick gloves and water touch.

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