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The Development Trend Of Touch Screen
Jan 24, 2019

   Touch screen has experienced the development process from low-end to high-end, from infrared touch screen, four-wire resistive touch screen to capacitive touch screen, and now to five-wire resistive touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen. Its performance is more and more reliable, and its technology is more and more mature. And with the different application characteristics of various industries, the development of LCD flat panel display technology makes the advantages of infrared touch screen highlighted, which is favored by users in finance, securities and other industries.

   After years of development, the function of touch screen has developed from simple inquiry guide to an integrated machine of business inquiry and online touch inquiry, and its application field has also changed from the initial post and telecommunications, shopping malls to many fields in various industries. Looking at the development of IT industry, there are two basic elements: market capacity and price. Lower prices will lead to a certain increase, but without a solid market base, the popularization of products, technology and industry development can not be discussed.


     Compared with other mature IT industries, the touch screen Market in China is still in its infancy. The huge business opportunities in the market have not fully emerged, and the development of technology is not very perfect. At present, there are mainly the following problems.


(1) Software development problems domestic manufacturers focus on the hardware market of touch screen, but do not see the business opportunities of related software and the problems arising therefrom. Due to the wide applicability of touch screen technology, the demand for it has been greatly increased in all walks of life, but the software development for each industry is obviously lagging behind.


(2) Hardware technology problems, although domestic manufacturers have been focusing on touch screen hardware market, have not achieved much. At present, most of the domestic technologies are those that have expired foreign patents. There is still a blank in new technologies, and the overall technical strength is still weak.


    Touch screen technology makes the device interface more friendly, human-computer interaction more simple, fast and fun, just a little, you can achieve a variety of operations. In the future, the application of touch screen will be more and more extensive, and its development trend will be mainly reflected in the following aspects:


    First, small capacitive screens will dominate. At present, the resistive touch screen industry still occupies a large market share. According to DisplaySearch statistics, in 2009, the resistive touch screen occupied about 50% of the total touch screen market, and the projective capacitive touch screen occupied about 31%, but the resistive screen was gradually replaced by the capacitive screen, which is generally used in low-end electronic products. Compared with resistance screen, capacitance screen has technical advantages in response speed and accuracy. It has become a trend that capacitive touch screen replaces resistive touch screen.

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