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What's The Difference Between A Human-computer Interface And What People Call A Touch Screen
Jan 25, 2019

   Strictly speaking, there are essential differences between the two.Because "touch screen" is only the hardware part that may be used in the man-machine interface products, it is an input device installed in the front end of the display screen to replace some functions of the mouse and keyboard.And the man-machine interface product is a kind of human-machine interaction equipment which includes hardware and software.In industry, the man-machine interface product with touch input function is often called "touch screen", but this is not scientific.

1.What is the difference between the HMI and the configuration software?

Man-machine interface product, often known as "touch screen", contains HMI hardware and corresponding dedicated screen configuration software. Generally, HMI hardware of different manufacturers USES different screen configuration software, and the main type of connected equipment is PLC.Configuration software is a general tool software product running on PC hardware platform and Windows operating system. It can also form HMI products together with PC or ipc.General configuration software supports a wide range of equipment, such as a variety of PLC, PC board CARDS, instruments, inverters, modules and other equipment, and because the PC hardware platform performance is strong (mainly reflected in the speed and storage capacity), general configuration software function is also strong, suitable for large monitoring systems.

2. Is there an operating system in the HMI product?

      Any human-machine interface product has a system software part. The system software runs in the     HMI processor, supporting the multi-task processing function. A small operating system management system software is required to run in the processor.Generally, WinCE, Linux and other common embedded operating systems are used in high performance human-computer interface products based on tablet computers.

3. Is the man-machine interface only connected to PLC?

    No.Human-machine interface products is to solve the problem of PLC human-computer interaction, but with the development of computer technology and digital circuit technology, many industrial control equipment has a serial port communication ability, so as long as there is a serial port communication ability of the industrial control equipment, such as frequency converter, dc speed regulator, temperature control instrument, for module can connect human-machine interface products, to realize the human-computer interaction function.

   With the development of digital circuits and computer technology, the high, medium and low functional divisions of future human-machine interface products will become less and less obvious, and the functions of HMI will become more and more abundant.HMI products larger than 5.7 inches will all have color displays with longer screen life.Due to the reduction of computer hardware cost, HMI products will focus on tablet PC as the high-end product of HMI hardware, because this high-end product has great advantages in processor speed, storage capacity, communication interface type and quantity, networking ability and software resource sharing, which is the development direction of HMI products in the future.Of course, small size (display size is less than 5.7 inches)HMI products, due to its advantages in size and price, with the further enhancement of its functions (such as the addition of IO function), will be widely used in the human-computer interaction application of small mechanical equipment.                                

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