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Touch Screen Industry Scale
Oct 12, 2018

The current global touch screen industry chain pattern has been preliminarily formed, from the situation of major enterprises, China's touch screen industry is gradually entering the global industrial layout.

China's leybold Gao Ke, ultrasonic electronics, Luo Glass, Han Rui Microelectronics, pier technology and other enterprises have entered the industry chain. Depending on the size of the touchscreen, a 10.1-inch boundary allows the application of the touchscreen to be divided into small and medium sizes (10.1 inches or less) and large sizes (10.1 inches or more). Large size is mainly used in ATMs, POS machines, kiosks, and small and medium size is mainly used in mobile phones, GPS navigation equipment, PDA, tablet computers and other consumer digital products.

At present, the development of China's touch-screen industry is mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized personal consumer electronics products, touch screen mobile phones and tablets are currently the application of small and medium-sized touch screen, but also the most important application field of China touch screen industry. In 2010, China's touch screen industry reached 67.667 million, with a 2009-year growth of 98%, showing an explosion of growth.

At present, China's touch screen industry in the electronic equipment products in the penetration rate is still high growth stage, from the industrial life cycle, there is a huge space for development. Judging from the product structure, the 2010 China touch screen industry, resistive touch screen still occupy the leading position, the industry scale of 38.766 million, accounting for 57.3%. Capacitive touch screen production has seen a significant increase in the 2010 Capacitive touch screen Industry scale of 22.237 million, accounting for 32.9% of total production, A 3.4 times-fold increase over 2009, this was largely due to the large-scale use of capacitive touchscreen from Apple's iphone and ipad capacitive touch-screen technology.

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