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Touch Screen Application Upgrade China Welcomes Industry Opportunities
Oct 12, 2018

New experience, smooth touch effect, touch screen technology with "Apple" Company's iphone, ipad series products in Consumer electronics industry, the world's most popular.

In fact, the touch screen technology has appeared in the early the 1970s, many of them were applied to industrial control and commercial equipment in the past few years, the rapid penetration of the field of consumer electronics, the development of touch screen applications, for China's touch screen industry to usher in a good opportunity. At present, the main touch screen control technology mainly include: Resistive, Sonic, infrared capacitive, optical type. Infrared and optical are mainly used in the field of medium-large size touch screen.

The most market share of touch screen technology is still resistive, and thanks to the iphone and ipad hot-selling and multi-touch technology drive, the application of projected capacitive touch screen technology has been rapid development, its market share is rapidly increasing. Relative to resistive touch screen control technology, capacitive touch screen control technology more sensitive, do not rely on the stylus, and there will be no screen drift positioning problem, display high brightness, easy to achieve multi-touch and other advantages and have greater development potential.

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