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Current Status And Detailed Introduction Of TFT-LCD Market Level
Oct 12, 2018

TFT-LCD is an abbreviation for thin film transistor liquid crystal display thin film Transistor-liquid crystal display word.

TFT-LCD technology is an ingenious combination of microelectronics technology and liquid crystal display technology. Tft LCD screen For each pixel has a semiconductor switch, the processing process is similar to LSI.

Since each pixel can be directly controlled by the point pulse, so each node is relatively independent, and can be continuous control, such design not only improve the display of the reaction speed, while the precise control of the display of gray, so the color of TFT LCD more realistic. TFT-LCD is a representative of active matrix Liquid crystal display (AM LCD), its most active, fastest growing, application growth is also the fastest, in the notebook computer, camera and digital camera monitor and other aspects of the application of the dominance, in addition, it in the geographic information system and aircraft cockpit, portable DVD, Desktop computers and multimedia displays are well-used.

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