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Resistive Touch Screen
Jan 25, 2019

The resistive touch screen is a sensor that converts the physical position of a touch point (X, Y) in a rectangular area into a voltage representing an X coordinate and a Y coordinate. Many LCD modules use a resistive touch screen that can use four, five, seven, or eight lines to generate the screen bias voltage while reading the voltage at the touch point.



1. Resistive touch screen has high precision and can reach the level of pixel. The maximum resolution is up to 4096x4096.

2. The screen is not affected by dust, moisture and oil, and can be used in lower or higher temperature environments.

3. Resistive touch screens use pressure sensing, which can be touched with any object, even with gloves, and can be used for handwriting recognition.

4. Resistive touch screens are less expensive due to proven technology and lower barriers.


1. Resistive touch screen can be designed as multi-touch, but when two points are pressed at the same time, the pressure of the screen becomes unbalanced, resulting in errors in touch, so the realization of multi-touch is difficult.

2. Resistive touch screens are more susceptible to damage to the touch screen due to scratches.


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