Infra-red touch screen
Oct 12, 2018

The infrared touchscreen is used to detect and locate the user's touch using an infrared matrix that is dense in the X and y directions. Infrared touch screen in front of the display to install a circuit board outside the frame, the circuit board in the four sides of the screen layout of the infrared emitter tube and infrared receiver tube, each corresponding to the formation of a cross-border infrared matrix. When the user touches the screen, the finger blocks the two infrared rays that pass through the position, thus judging the position of the touch point on the screen.

Any touch object can change the infrared on the contact to achieve touch screen operation. Early on, the infrared touch screen has low resolution, limited touch mode and interference by the environment and other technical limitations, and thus once faded out of the market. Since then the second generation of infrared screen to solve the problem of anti-optical interference, the third and fourth generation in the improvement of resolution and stability can also be improved, but none of the key indicators or comprehensive performance has a qualitative leap. However, understand the touch screen technology people know that the infrared touch screen is not affected by current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for harsh environmental conditions, infrared technology is the final development trend of touch screen products. The use of acoustic and other materials technology touch screen has its insurmountable barrier, such as the damage of a single sensor, aging, touch interface fear of pollution, destructive use, maintenance complex and so on. Infrared touch screen as long as the real realization of high stability and high resolution, will replace other technology products and become the mainstream touch screen market.

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