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Warm Celebration Of The Formal Establishment Of Hangzhou Grahowlet Technology Central China Office!
Oct 18, 2018

With the continuous development and expansion of the company and in order to better serve the Central China market and provide support & services for customers in Central China, also with the company's continuous research and planning preparations, Grahowlet Technology Central China Office was established in the end of April this year, with offices in Hubei Province, Located in Wuhan City East Lake High-tech Zone Tangxunhu Lake Optics Valley Headquarters, Wuhan is the center of China, Wuhan, referred to as "Han", nicknamed "Jiangcheng", is the only provincial and megacity in the provincial capital of Hubei Province, the six provinces of central China. The central city in the central region, the country’s important industrial base, science and education base, and comprehensive transportation hub are the most important land, sea, and air transportation hubs in China's mainland. It is believed that Grahowlet Technology Central China office will serve our customers better in the future. All customers will be provided with the best quality products and technical support!

In future, we will establish the Southwest and North China offices in Chengdu and Beijing respectively, and establish a center in East China, covering East China, Central China, North China and Southwest China. Provide products and support for customers across the country!

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