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TFT-LCD Car Panel Market Growth Strong, Car Panel To Make The Car A Third Living Space
Oct 12, 2018

Global auto Sales market performance, China monopoly nearly one-third The global auto market continued its boom in 2012-2017, and the growth of global car sales has seen hope for upstream panel manufacturers. Compared with 2016, the 2017-year car market growth slightly declined, 2017 years car sales increased 3.1% year on year, the global auto sales reached 97 million vehicles. Among them, China's car sales in the first world, reached 29 million vehicles, accounting for 31% of global sales.

The United States ranks second, accounting for 19% of global sales.

Car display industry five trends, let consumers love driving In the past, in-vehicle display pursuit of integrated design, long production cycle, low level of personalization.

At present, in order to meet the needs of different customers, car screen separation design more and more, car screen design and production cycle is gradually shortened, car display and consumer electronics display the same trend of development, that is, large screen, high-definition, interactive, multi-screen, multi-morphological five major trends.

TFT-LCD Car panel mayor grows strongly and shipments are large On-board display in early stage of artificial driving mainly TN-LCD and PMTFT-LCD, after the advent of automotive networking, on-board display began to TFT-LCD single point, multi-touch technology-based. With its high performance ratio and low cost, TFT-LCD panel has become the mainstream technology of vehicle panel, which occupies about 60% of the market in all vehicle display.

2017 TFT-LCD car panel shipments of about 150 million pieces, is expected to ship in 2020 will reach 200 million pieces.

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