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Multi-touch Screen
Jan 24, 2019

Multi-touch is a technology that is implemented by human-computer interaction technology and hardware devices. It can be used without traditional input devices (such as: Mouse, keyboard, etc.. Under the computer human-computer interaction. Multi-touch technology, which can form a touch screen (screen, desktop, wall, etc.) or touchpad, can simultaneously accept human-computer interaction from multiple points on the screen.


1. Multi-touch is a multi-point or multi-user interactive operation mode on the same display interface, and the single-point operation mode of the keyboard and mouse is abandoned.

2. The user can make a single touch with both hands, or touch the screen with different gestures such as clicking, double clicking, panning, pressing, scrolling and rotating, so as to achieve arbitrary control, so as to better and more comprehensively understand the relevant features of the object (text , video, pictures, satellite, 3D simulation and other information).

3, according to customer needs, order the corresponding touchpad, touch software and multimedia system; can be used with professional graphics software. Support for use:

Mobile computer system software


Application areas:

Interactive information display: government departments, corporate results display, commercial promotion, advertising media, public information services, etc.

Command and control applications: geographic information, public security systems, land and resources, transportation departments, power industry, water conservancy departments, military units, etc.

Application in the exhibition area: exhibition of various products, auto show, civil product, industrial product display

Real estate industry applications: real estate sales centers, cross-regional marketing sites, large real estate trading showrooms, etc.

Cultural and educational industry applications: science and technology museums, museums, high-end entertainment venues, game halls

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