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Basic Concept Of Touch Screen
Oct 12, 2018

The so-called touch screen, from the market concept, is a kind of computer input equipment that everyone will use, or that everyone will use to communicate with the computer equipment. Do not learn, everyone will use, is the biggest touch screen magic, this point, whether it is a keyboard or mouse, can not be compared with. Everyone will use, it will mark the advent of the era of computer application popularization.

This is also the development of touch screen, development kiosks, the development of kiosks network, and strive to form China's touch industry reasons. From the technical point of view, the touch screen is a set of transparent absolute positioning system, first of all it must be guaranteed to be transparent, so it must be through material technology to solve the transparency problem, such as digitizer, WordPad, elevator switch, they are not touch screen; second it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is where, do not need a second action, Unlike the mouse, is the relative positioning of a system, we can notice that the touch screen software does not need the cursor, but the cursor affects the user's attention, because the cursor is for the relative positioning of the device, the relative positioning of the device to move to a place first to know where to go, in which direction, There is always a need to give users feedback on their current position without any bias. These are not necessary for the touch screen with absolute coordinate positioning, then the touch action of the finger can be detected and the position of finger is judged, all kinds of touch screen technology is around "detecting finger touch" and eight Immortals crossing recount.

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