Working Principle of Capacitance Screen and Resistance Screen
Feb 09, 2019

Resistance Touch Screen: It consists of a multilayer transparent conductive plate. Two transparent metal conductive layers used to identify the touch signal can recognize the pressure signals from handwriting pens, nails and any hard objects. Normally, two transparent metal conductive layers are insulated from each other. When hard objects such as handwriting pens touch the surface of the screen, the first layer of metal conductive layer deforms and the second layer deforms. When the metal conductive layer contacts, a path is formed between the two metal conductive layers. Because of the resistance between the two metal conductive layers, the constant voltage (5V) will be depressed when it flows through the two metal conductive layers. According to this characteristic, the touch screen circuit can obtain the voltage value after the depressurization to calculate which coordinate the pressure comes from, thus realizing the location of the touch screen. ;

Capacitance Touch Screen: The human body, the finger tip touching the screen and the screen surface will naturally form a coupling capacitance. The coupling capacitance can effectively convey the high-frequency current signals from the body. Using the characteristics of biological current, electrodes distributed in the four corners of the screen can receive the high-frequency current signals from the human body transmitted through the fingertips, and because the positions of the contacts are different. The electrodes on the four corners receive different current intensities. The coordinates of the touching points can also be obtained by comparison operation, thus realizing screen positioning.

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