What if the capacitive touch screen fails
Jan 23, 2019

      Capacitance screens fail because there is a local charge on the surface, commonly known as static electricity, making it impossible to tell if a finger or other conductor (such as a stylus) is pressing on them.In the pocket friction, often with a strong press, screen with dust, hand sweat or winter dry body itself with static electricity and so on are likely to lead to local screen charge.And in addition to the winter dry cause the human body with static electricity, the temperature is also an important factor, capacitive screens have relatively strict conditions of use, such as temperature, humidity and so on, the theory of capacitive screen using the environment temperature requirements in the 0 to 35 ℃.In winter, the north is generally lower than 0 ℃, temperature of nature may appear screen block.

What I will introduce to you is the repair method after the screen failure and the usual maintenance method for the capacitor screen of mobile phone.

Whatever the cause of the screen failure, please do not subjectively conclude that there is something wrong with the phone. You can try the following methods:

  1. Turn off the mobile phone and let it sit for a few minutes before starting it up for a retry. It is better to take the battery out of the mobile phone that can remove the battery.

2, find a USB cable, and then connect the phone to the computer, and try the effect.

3. Wash or wet your hands before operating the screen.

4. Touch the metal part of the USB port of the mobile phone with one finger in the wet hand state, and then press the other finger on the ground for about two seconds to try the effect again.

5. If the screen drifts and conditions permit, you can consider blowing the screen with a hot hair dryer and turn it on to the middle range. When the phone is off, you can blow the screen evenly and feel the screen is hot.

6. Use transparent adhesive to continuously paste and tear apart the defective parts and then tear them apart again until the screen resumes touch control.

7, if tried several kinds of methods mentioned above are invalid, then you can try a more radical electric shocks, the method is very simple, first of all, paper towels with stained with water, covered with a screen failure and then the static electric shock in the screen with lighter, have the effect of changing the electric field, note that this method for the next interview, not as a last resort, try not to try.

If all the methods are exhausted and still fail, you can consider sending them to the maintenance station for testing. However, normally, if there is no problem with the mobile phone itself, one of the above methods can fix the screen failure caused by the environment in daily life.

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