Technical Application of touch screen
Oct 12, 2018

The touch screen originated in the 1970s, and was installed in industrial or commercial equipment such as computer and POS terminals. The launch of the iphone in 2007 has been a milestone in the development of the touch industry. Apple's mobile phone, which requires at least 20 keys, is designed to take three or four keys and the rest is left to the touch screen.

In addition to giving users a more direct and convenient operation experience, but also make the shape of the mobile phone more fashionable and light, increase the intimacy of human-machine direct interaction, triggering a warm pursuit of consumers, but also opened the touch screen to mainstream control interface to the journey. At present, the scope of application of touch screen has become more and more extensive, from the industrial use of plant equipment control/operating system, public Information inquiry of electronic inquiry facilities, commercial use of cash machine, to consumer electronic mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, etc. can see touch screen figure. Of course, the most widely used is still the mobile phone. Mobile phones with touch screens in 2008 will have more than 100 million shipments, and more than 500 million mobile phones are expected to install the touch interface in 2012. And there are indications that touchscreen applications in consumer electronics are expanding from small-size areas such as cell phone screens to laptops with larger screen sizes. At present, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Asus and other first-line notebook computer brands are planning to launch a touch-screen laptop or UMPC. Of course, the industry is still arguing about whether laptops with touch screens can grow from low-priced laptops or UMPC below 10 inches to the mainstream laptop market, which is more than 14 inches. For mainstream laptops or desktops, consumers are accustomed to using keyboard and mouse input, unlike small-size laptops, because the number of keyboards can be limited, touch screen to assist, to achieve more intuitive human-computer communication purposes. And now the Windows system does not yet support multi-touch features, such as the individual import of multi-touch features by the PC manufacturer, the effort and investment in software will be very impressive, so it is expected to support multi-touch new operating system Windows7 to market by 2010, Laptops with touch screens will still be limited to less than 12.1 inches. But even so, the future of the touch-screen market is also very attractive prospects for development. According to market research agency forecasts, the touch screen production value will reach $3.5 billion by 2010.

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