Optically Clear Adhesive
Jan 24, 2019

Optically Clear Adhesive

OCA optical glue is one of the raw materials for important touch screens. The optical acrylic adhesive is made into a non-substrate, and then the upper and lower layers are attached to each other, and then a layer of release film is attached, which is a double-sided adhesive tape without a base material. It is the best adhesive for touch screens. The advantages are clearness, high light transmission (all-light transmittance >99%), high adhesion, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, controlled thickness, uniform spacing, long-term use There is no problem of yellowing (yellowing), peeling and deterioration. OCA optical glue is divided into two categories, one is resistive and the other is capacitive. Resistive optical adhesive can be divided into 50um and 25um according to thickness. Capacitive optical adhesive is divided into 100um and 175um. , 200um, 250um.OCA

OCA optical adhesive can be applied to different fields according to thickness. Its main applications are: electronic paper, transparent device bonding, projection screen assembly, aerospace or military optics assembly, display assembly, lens assembly, resistive touch screen G+F +F, F+F, capacitive touch screens, panels, ICON, and plastics such as glass and polycarbonate are used to bond special adhesives for transparent optical components such as lenses. It is required to have colorless transparency, light transmittance of over 90%, good bonding strength, curing at room temperature or medium temperature, and low curing shrinkage. Silicone rubber, acrylic resin and unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, epoxy resin and other adhesives can bond optical components. Some treatment agents are usually added during formulation to improve their optical properties or to reduce cure shrinkage. Suitable for fixing various films on the display periphery of mobile machines, screens (acrylic, glass screen, touch screen, etc.).

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