How to operate a touch screen
Oct 12, 2018

1. Open the Start menu, right-click on computer, and select Properties from the popup shortcut menu to open the System Properties window. Under the system category, there is a property called pen and touch, and as long as it is available, it means that the computer is touch-enabled and, if displayed as a single touch, that the computer supports a single touch, that is, it can be manipulated with one finger, and if it appears as multi-touch,

This means that the computer supports multi-touch and can operate with two or more fingers at the same time.

2, click the left and right key operation, there is a more difficult problem, that is, the mouse pointing operation when using the superscript, the mouse pointer to the file on the screen, the system will automatically display the information about the file with a ScreenTip. But when you use touch mode, this pointing operation is not easy to implement. If the device uses an electromagnetic touch screen, then hover the stylus on the top of the screen, the distance between the LCM to achieve the "point" operation; however, many devices, especially multi-touch devices, use a pressure-sensitive screen that requires the finger to be held close to the surface of the screen to take effect, in which case "point to

Instead of left-click 

3, open Control Panel, go to hardware and sound, click Pen and Touch, open the pen and Touch dialog box, switch to the Touch tab, and under the Touch pointer option, select Show Touch pointer when interacting with items on the screen.

4. Click the "Advanced Options" button to open the Advanced Options dialog, where you can set the virtual mouse displayed on the screen as needed, such as the left or right hand habit, the transparency and size of the virtual mouse, and the speed of the cursor, etc., set complete click OK button to close all open dialog boxes After the above settings, after tapping the screen with your finger or stylus, a virtual mouse pattern appears around the touch point, and you can then drag the mouse with your finger or stylus to move the pointer, or click the left or right mouse button to achieve a mouse click.

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