Features of touch screen
Oct 12, 2018

The advantage of an infrared touchscreen is that it can be touched by a finger, pen, or any object that blocks light. The disadvantage of the infrared touch screen is not good to use on the spherical display, this is because the work of the infrared grating matrix is clearly required to ensure that the same plane, so the real touch of the work plane distance curved display screen has a larger interval, especially in the corner, but this disadvantage on the flat screen display does not exist, such as liquid crystal display. It can be said that the use of a flat panel display, infrared touch screen has considerable advantages.

Infrared detection technology using the same wavelength infrared emitter tube, infrared receiver tube (referred to as infrared tube) can be a simple infrared detection method:

As long as there are objects blocking the connection between the infrared and the tube, the receiving signal drops sharply, so infrared can detect the object's blocking, in the anti-theft system, automatic sensing system, counters and other systems widely used. Infrared if the short-range application, according to the attenuation degree of the received signal can also detect the degree of blocking, this is the so-called analog mode, the analog way in the receiver using a dense receiver array, but also for contrast imaging; In order to prevent interference, infrared detection can also use pulse mode, that is, the infrared emitting tube emits a fixed frequency signal, and the receiver only for this frequency detection, pulse mode anti-jamming ability is very strong. Pulse mode if the signal is modulated in the operating frequency, but also for digital communications, which is the famous infrared communication, home appliances, remote control, computer infrared communications, and even the fastest optical fiber communication, all due to this. Infrared communication has no effect on the human body, and the launch distance is short and no space pollution, today is very pro-gaze. This chapter is to touch the screen, do not wander other, but from this family thriving, you can also see the bright future of infrared touch screen.

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