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15 Inch Touch Screen Panel

15 Inch Touch Screen Panel

Product Name: 15 inch industrial touch screen panel with lcd display module, Functionality: Support operation with gloves,thick protective cover glass etc. Applications: medical, industrial, security, home appliances and other fields Custom service: Available
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15'' inch industrial capacitive touch screen , resolution 1024x768, IPS screen with full view angle,  support operation with gloves and thick protective glass,  mainly used in medical, industrial, security and so on; Custom service such as Anti-Glare, Anti-reflective, Anti-Fingerprint is available, resolution and brightness can be matched according to customer's actual need.



TPM Specifications
TPMModel NumberHX1501705
Size15 inch
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ ~ 80℃
Outline Dimension328.00(W)x255.00(H)x16.00(D) mm
Viewing Area305.00(W)x228.00(H)mm
Active Area304.13(W)x228.00(H)mm
Support SystemsWindows/Android/Linux etc.
Warranty1 year
CTPInterface TypeUSB
Controller ICILITEK
Touch Points10 points
Surface Hardness≥6H
Power Supply Voltage5V
Interface TypeLVDS
Luminance420 cd/m²
Viewing Angle80/80/80/80


Functional Characteristics


Capacitive touch screen has been increasingly used in various fields with rapid technology development. In order to meet different requirements of worldwide customers, GraHowlet supply all kinds of product structures such as G + G, G + F (G + F + F ),P + G, etc. and various technical support programs such as Cypress , Atmel, EETI, FocalTech, Goodix etc. according to different application environments.


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Our Advantage


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resource-rich products


Fast Production delivery

excellent after-sales service


Stable supply chain

long life cycle


Strong technical support

short response time


Wide Industry coverage

various mature solutions






Internet Of Things

Requirements of capacitive touch screen are not very high in this field ranging between pure industry and consumer applications. End products are express logistics hand-held terminals, hand-held POS terminals, convenient payment terminals, self-service terminals. They are mainly used in indoor environments and occasionally used in outdoor applications. These terminal products mainly pursue lightness and portability, so G + F (F) structure is generally recommended and G+G structure is chose by a small number of customers to be cost-effective.


Case Introduction

courier hand-held terminals

Application environment and features:

1.Mainly used for express scanning indoor, occasionally operated outdoor, so need to meet all kinds of weather conditions and operation sensibility with glove in winter;

2.Long standby time and low power consumption;

3.Pass high and low temperature aging test and tumbling test.

Touch Panel solution:

1.G+F+F structure,Corning glass cover with surface AF processed;

2.Cost-effective Goodix GT970 program, debugging water function and requiring glove function;

3.Overall module joint assembly with FPC screened.



Our Service


■Programme evaluation : 1 to 2 working days

■Drawings:2 to 3 working days

■Customized products:3 to 4 weeks(after drawings confirmed)

■Pruduction delivery :3 to 5 weeks

■Capacity: 150K per month

■Process capability: G+G, G+F+F, shielding process, overall module joint process(Optical Bonding)(maximum 65 ")

■Technical support :Engneers to privide door-to-door or remote access service within 24 hours


Reliable Service


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Q1: Whoose choose Grahowlet?

Grahowlet is not only a supplier,we also have our own R&D team,if  you want make your individual design or sometiong,we can also help you with that,customization can be available.

Q2:How is the price?

All our products have factory price, the more quantity you buy, the lower price you get, but a reasonable price is needed to ensure a good quality and service.


Q3: Could we place an order with OEM to produce under our own brand ?

yes, our company accept both OEM and ODM service.


Q4: Have you ever exported to foreign countries?

We have exported to United states, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Korea, Singapore.....etc...


Q4: Does the product only use for industry?

Our products use in medical, internet of things, vehicle-monnted industry, intelligent houesehold, outdoor equipment and many other industries.

For other questions, please feel free to contact us!


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